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December 30, 2015

Thank you for coming on short notice. I found you on NextDoor and I had company coming over for New Years Eve celebration and my dryer was taking too long to dry my clothes.  We just moved here in October and I remembered that my Home Inspector told me that I should have my dryer vent cleaned asap.  Of course I procrastinated until the last minute.  Even though you had planned to have New Years Eve off with your family, as we all wanted too.  You decided to come on New Years Eve anyways to accommodate me.  I was very thankful.  Especially when you found a $100 dollar bill in my dryer vent!  A New Years  gift.  Thank you for your honest work, being flexible and cleaning my dryer vent on short notice.

Katie D. - Pacheco CA

02/10/2016 - Testimonial

​My tenant complained that his dryer was taking too long to dry his clothes.  I was told that I should check to see if the dryer vent was clogged before purchasing a new dryer.  I had a very difficult time searching for somebody who could clean my tenants dryer vent.  Fortunately in the Pleasant Hill Outlook I saw Walter and his company Lint Busters who specializes in cleaning dryer vents. After contacting Walter over the phone it took several weeks to find  a day that my tenant was available to have the job done.  I almost forgot until Walter called me back to check if I still wanted the job.  He was very  thoughtful about my scheduling needs and he was very flexible and patient.  Thankfully we did make an appointment and  Walter was very kind to my upset tenant.  Walter and his son quickly went to work before it started to rain and the sun was going down..  They showed me what came out of the dryer vent which looked like wet lint.  My tenant now tells me that it only takes 35 minutes to dry his clothes instead of the 2 hours it took before it was cleaned.  Great job Walter and many thanks for your understanding.

​​Anne S. - Martinez CA

01/20/2016- Testimonial

​Wonderful job cleaning my vent.  I don`t know how you could have cleaned my dryer in such a tight space.  You were quick and polite.  Me being a senior it is very difficult for me to crawl into that small room and to climb onto the roof.  Thank you for the great deal with your senior discount.  I would have paid double for excellent workmanship. 

​Randy J. - Pleasant Hill CA

​ 2/28/2016 - Testimonial

​Walter and his son came on a Sunday to clean my dryer vent.  I was amazed how professional he and his son were.  I work 7 days a week and he was willing to come to my home in Danville, out of his service area. He was very  patient and considerate with me working around my schedule I kept changing.  Very thoughtful about making sure he and his son kept everything clean.  Thanks for all the information you have to offer and I will refer your business to my clients.

​Sandy E. - Danville CA

Jan. 28, 2016 - Testimonial

​I was referred by my neighbor to have my dryer vent cleaned by Lint Busters since they did a wonderful job at her home.  I had no idea that a fire could happen in my dryer vent and the owner explained  what would happen if my dryer vent was blocked by lint.  I never had my dryer vent cleaned before so I was curious to see how much would come out.  I saw lint , hair come out of  the dryer vent and money too.  They did  a thorough job inside and outside my home.  I will tell my other neighbors to have this cleaning done for fear of a fire.  Thank you Lint Busters

​Sandy P. - Pleasant Hill CA