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​Signs That a Dryer Vent Needs to be Cleaned

Jan 29, 2016 - Testimonial

​I was very pleased how clean and thoughtful Walter and his daughter was about my property.  He showed me exactly what he was doing and also very sweet to check that there was no eggs in a bird nest that he found in my dryer vent.  I was shocked when he told me but he used this video camera to show me that the nest was clear before he proceeded to clean my vent.  They were a great team to watch as they did a professional job on my dryer and vent.  I love that he comes back a couple months to check my outside vent at no charge to see if the birds come back.

​Jan W. - Pleasant Hill CA


Lint Busters Dryer Vent Cleaners is your Dryer Vent Cleaning Specialist.  Established in 2005.  Aloha Dryer Vent Cleaners has been helping Homeowners keep their homes safe from the Dangers of Dryer Fires. Maintaining your Dryer Vent is very important to keep energy costs down. And most importantly prevent a dangerous condition that can cause severe property damage and death.  Over 16,000 Dryer Fires occur annually.

3-30-2016 - Testimonial

I was at work when Walter came to my home to clean our dryer vent that had not been cleaned for a couple years.  My wife who was home said on the phone that he was on time and explained what he was going to do.  My wife said that  a lot of lint was coming out of our vent and that Walter was very kind to ease her embarrassment.  He showed my wife that there was plenty of lint surrounding the dryers gas burner and he cleaned it like new.  I was very pleased to hear that he was very efficient and  honest.  I will surely call him next year to service our dryer vent and tell our neighbors.

Steve S. - Brentwood CA

It is important to clean your dryer vent before they get to the point where they could be a fire hazard.   Some of the signs that a dryer vent needs to be cleaned include the following:

-  Clothing comes out of the dryer much hotter than normal

-  The drying cycle takes longer, or clothes are damp after        normal cycle

-  The lint filter fills up quickly

-  Utility bills rise without any explanation

-  Clothes from the dryer takes on a musty smell

-  Dryer sheets smell odd or break down more than usual